Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Dr Mahathir will promise the Malays in Malaysia that he could fly them to the moon.
The Malays in Umno believed him and made him Prime Minister for twenty-two long years.
Now, he promises that he can take them to outer space.
Will they still believe him? After some of the doses of truth have come out?


Blogger JM said...

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8:35 PM  
Blogger JM said...

I'm afraid che dat has lost all the integrity that was left. Instead of running the current prime minister down, he should focus on getting his act and explainations in order. He has a hell lot of explaination that he owes to the public if he wishes to remain in the public scene.

At the same time the country that he claims he had created is unfortunately being destroyed by him. It is a huge shame for all Malaysians.

Malaysia wants to be an international player in foreign trade but unfortunately the integrity of the system is in question. Malaysian's owe one to Tun for that!

To answer the question posted on this blog, it is a simple Nope! Highly unlikely that Tun will win any support for trust until he comes out clean with a damn good explaination. Start preparing your brief Tun!

8:35 PM

8:38 PM  
Blogger Pak Ngah said...

When che dat attack pak lah, this clearly shows that he is trying to cover his own wekness. He got a lot to answer to the public regards all the mistake done during his period.BMF, PERWAJA, MEMALI and lots more including having 4 tpm. Anwar,Ku Li, Pak Lah whos fault.Aren't he the one who decides all this. We need solution not critics. Enough off all the nonsense.

3:06 AM  
Blogger Liberty Health Net - ISMARIA BIZ said...

ngapa hang sakit hati sangat. Buatlah laman web sendiri. Tak mampu kaa? Lagi dok tiru chedat tulin...nak tipu dunia kaa? Pasti hang dapat Dosa melimpah-limpah. Gimana nanti nak jumpa Tuhan!!! Takkan nak nipu lagi kot?

10:16 AM  
Blogger bumiputra said...

Dear all human beings & Malaysians,
(forget what race, or what is your identity, use a very ordinary human being heart and thinking to read this very simple message, hope you get something out of this message, whether Tun Dr M get it or not is not important ? what do you want as a malaysian, as a human being ? do you want better world, like what the USA is getting or going to get ? Yes we can, change, is on the way,
or stay in the old narrow minded thinking ? racist ? use your common sense ?
if we the malay continue to do the same thing over the next 20 years, we will still be very far behind, and the only cronies, Umnoputra is happy ! there there will not be a 513, but a poor malays beat up the bloody rich malays, who receive APs from Rafidah,
contracts, Yes we can, malaysia boleh ???? yes, we are all born handicap !

Dear Tun Mahathir ,

Why is S$ 1.00 = RM 2.30 ??? Why ? Singaporean has a per capita income of USD25,000.00and Malaysian has USD5,000.00 ? Malaysia has Palm oil, Rubber, Tin, Coconut and mostof all Petroleum, comparatively Singapore has nothing and yet Singaporean performance isfive times better. I just wonder if Malaysian leaders just follow what the Singaporean leaders have been doing, (in western world, that is benchmarking, or japanese call copy the good one), (you Malaysian are copying the Zimbawae, Myanmar, or the Cambodia, not going anywhere, Malaysian deserve so much more, not only the cronies and the Umno, BN politician only benefited)., with the extra natural resources we are having,we should be as rich as Bruneior not better!!!

WHERE is ALL Malaysians MONEY GONE???

The only answer I can think of is, UMNO, Utterly Manipulating National Obligations, UselessMalaysian National Organization which have formed a coalition called, Bankrupt d Nation !!! Just like Phillippines and Indonesia, CORRUPTION is d worse enemy!!! Assalamualaikum wr wb, Dear Tun Mahathir, I think you under-estimate the will of the Rakyat to dismantle racialism.

In this era of global competition and high technology - for how long can UMNO shield the Malays from the reality of a free market? why do we ask our Umno all to use clutches, in day one ? like a small elephant that tie to pole, after they have frown up to be a big elephant, they will not be able to untie themself even they have the towering strength, because they are used to the "clutches".

Umno, Malays or all Malaysians are not born handicap, human being are born with greatness in each and everyone of us, like you, you are very smart, you dont need cluthes, you do not need your government of Abdul Rahman, to help you, you yet so successful, why do you force all the Malays to think and born handicap ? we have grown up, and we have our own feet to stand on. we must change, and get rid of the subsidy mentality, think handicap mentality.

All human history, have shown us, all of us, will have to grown into some on our own, we have to grown up the painful way the better, human being are born not perfect. You cannot hide the shortcomings of the Malays. No one stops the Malays from acquiring technology. You yourself sent thousands of Malays to study overseas. Yet where are the returns on your investment in them? Think of Proton - shouldn't your Malay engineers work double hard to improve their products like the Japanese? Malaysia has lots of flora and fauna. Shouldn't the Malays dive into Biotechnology on account of Malaysia's flora and fauna? Yet where are the Malay scientists etc? For how long can you evade the shortcomings of the Malays ? You see - Malaysia is not unique in this matter. The whole Muslim world faces the same problem. Muslims simply do NOT do enough to chase after and acquire technology ! Indeed - there are no industrialized Muslim countries except possibly - Malaysia !! The NEP and Ketuanan Melayu has been around a long time. The Malays should have used the opportunity they had wisely. Sadly - your own UMNO abused it !Now the Rakyat wants an end to racialism. So yes - you are right. The Malaysian Malay is going to suffer because they no longer have the crutch. But that's Malaysia's problem. What I hope is that you and other Malaysian politicians had better not demonise Singapore in the process. You and others better not look down on Singapore Malays. We Singapore Malays can hold our head high and proudly so. Because we achieve on merit and not quota. Its a real achievement. Well - its your country and not mine. I think that you first have to deal with the reality of Pakatan Rakyat.

Best Regards Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad

12:06 AM  
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Blogger introspection said...

Situation is dire.
BN may be wiped out in less than a decade. (ie between 2009 to 2019)
Every election, BN is losing one more state to PAS.
Can Dr M help BN out of this predicament?

In PM Najib's view, the only way to hold on to power is by showing results.

What type of results?
A thriving economy that can create jobs, attract foreign investments, higher education standards and a society based on meritocracy.

Constructive criticism comes in the form of:
1. analysis of current problems
2. coming out with viable solutions
3. how to arrest the slide in support of "professionals for PAS"?

Malaysia is a land of great promise and expectations.

But there is still the growing underclass. All is not well from the middle class down to the poorest in the country. It is a hotbed of seething resentment. This is seen in the election results. Each election confirms that BN is slowly but surely losing its grip on power.

Can Dr M use his clout, brains, experience, sharp analytical ability n help PM Najib design a viable roadmap ahead for Malaysia.

This will be a lasting contribution to a Malaysia that he has lovingly nutured for 22 years.

Let it not be undone by tearing down each successive government and create new wounds.

Help the new PM resolve the many problems that plagues the country.

Long live Najib.
Long live Mahathir.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Jeannie! said...

No voting for English a 100% it's not fair for the last few years they have taken English for the test why should they change their minds now the people taking the test should have a say in this too !!!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger kiskun.mys said...

Dear Tun

I think you should emulate what great leaders have done in the like of Jimmy Carter with the Palestinian, Mandela in poverty & AIDS. Because, you very well know that once you are out from that chair, you loose your clout and become just like any ordinary citizen except your right to one vote.

But anyway bloging sure raise ones adrenalin... right.

1:58 AM  
Blogger kiskun.mys said...

Dear Tun

I think you should emulate what great leaders have done in the like of Jimmy Carter with the Palestinian, Mandela in poverty & AIDS. Because, you very well know that once you are out from that chair, you loose your clout and become just like any ordinary citizen except your right to one vote.

But anyway bloging sure raise ones adrenalin... right.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Ellie said...

there is so many things were happen in Malaysia...

9:15 AM  
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Blogger azhari said...

i just watch history channel about "mahathir" not either im involved in politics to give my 1 cent words,

i am wonder what you people still want from the old man..... yet we malay not far batter where we are now... there is a say.... look yourself in the mirror before say something "smart"

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the creator of this website is an idiot.

11:16 PM  
Blogger MOHD AZHAAN MD NOR said...

assalamualaikum...perwira dari Kedah....sememangnya orang kedah melahirkan kehebatn yang luar biasa

layari www.azhaan.com

7:04 PM  
Blogger aryna malek said...

Just watched MAHATHIR on History Channel. Tun.. ur the best.

1:43 AM  
Blogger alee khanna said...

Dr Syed Alwi.

Sdra sepaptutnya melihat dan merenung keadaan org Melayu di Singapura. Jangankan diarena politik, bidang ketenteraan, ekonomi org Melayu Singapura ketinggalan jauh. Bukan setakat itu saja, malah sejarah Singapura pun nak ubah..baca buku2 tulisan LKY.

Dr Mahathir telah banyak buat jasa kat bangsa Melayu dan ianya tak ternilai.

Jgn kerana tak boleh luahkan `suara' kat Singapura, kau hentam pulak org Melayu di Malaysia.

6:40 AM  
Blogger PATRICK Lim said...

Dear Tun,
You are a tough man.you have guts.you able to decide on so many good things.
Without you BN would have lost in 2008.without Sabah winning no BN gov today.
In 1994 when i shook your hands at karambunai sabah it was awesome.orang kuat dan pintar.true enough 1997 u helped Malaysia out of crises.u progressed Malaysia since...
Without you Tun ,BN mungkin not perintah today.Without your midas touch on citizenship to new immigrants likely no BN gov today. you bulldozed thru so many things as PM.Should have kept in touch with you and be my sifu.
Would like to meet you if possible....thks.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Yap Chong Yee said...

Mahatir's total destruction of the fabric of Malaysian society by his rabid and unabated divide and rule to stay in power will be his most damning legacy when he dies. He is 87 and that is saying like what it really is. His absolute believe in carving out Malaysia as a BRAHMIN society noy for any merit in that belief rather than for the sole and utterly selfish desire to entrench his strangle hold on to power is the measure of the man. It is also a shameful comment on the wisdom and intelligence of the Malay people. I recommend a feature film on YouTube called "INDIA UNTOUCHABLE"; that is what Mahatir and the policy of "Ketuaan Melayu" is what the Malays wanted for Malaysia, with the Chinese & Indians making up the ranks of the sudras(the untouchables). The Chinese can go anywhere in the world and thrive, Ketuaan Melayu would never happen. FACE IS LOSS OF AMALAYSIAN CHINESE IS EQUAL TO LOSS OF VIGOR TO MALAYSIA.

3:15 AM  

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